Tuesday, January 15, 2019


**Blog post from July 21, 2018**

I pledged my sorority in 2012 and I'm so in love with AOII it's crazy! The sucky part is, my experience was cut short by poor life choices. I had so many goals I wanted to achieve that went up in smoke. For a long time, I blamed girls in the chapter because I didn't get along with a handful of them. When I stepped away from the chapter I was heartbroken! I knew it would be tough but I had hoped I would at least have the support of the girls I'd been friends with... but I didn't. I had some friends still for a while but they had lived and moved on. I'm not going to lie, I was super discouraged for a long time and had basically given up on getting involved again. That's when things changed... 

When I was at my lowest that's when I learned my biggest lesson about not only my sorority but sorority life in general... MY SORORITY IS BIGGER THAN MY CHAPTER!

That's it. That was the big life-changing lesson. When I thought I'd been a horrible sister... When I thought I'd never be accepted by my sisters... When I thought I didn't deserve a second chance... My sisters rallied behind me, and not just any sisters, but sisters I'd never met before or that I barely knew. They encouraged me and lifted me up. It felt amazing to fall in love with my letters and my sisters again. 

But... I didn't choose to write this for the "awe sweet" moment, in the end, I have a bone to pick and it's pretty BIG!


Okay so here's my rant... I've worked really hard and I've come so freaking far from where I was and there are still "sisters" that try to tear me down. As a result of collegiate members, I've never met but have tried to connect with on-campus look down at me and are rude. I even encountered that same level of judgment has also come from alumnae members I was supposed to look up to as a collegiate. Still, I've found so much love and support from sisters in other chapters. 

Some people will read this and think I'm just being dramatic. Some people will read this and hate me. Some people will even read this and know exactly who I'm talking about. At the end of the day though, the message I want to send is that no matter how out of place you feel or what you're going through, God gave you those sisters for a reason. This is just one season of many and your sisters love you, support you, and believe in you from day one whether they are near or far. 

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