Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Welcome to Preppie Bliss

So you've managed to find yourself at my magical site… congratulations! I guess the best place to start would be at the beginning.

Preppie Bliss is the love child I have with myself. That sounds weird, I know, but it's really not. I founded Preppie Bliss in 2015 under a different title (we won't relive that disaster) when I was in a really hard place, rock bottom if you will. I had been looking for life inspiration (aka envying the bloggers I followed) and decided to take on the blogging challenge, after all my closet and adventures could be just as amazing right? I thought if I made my readers believe I was in fact fabulous I would actually become fabulous. That was my downfall. The original version of Preppie Bliss was a band-aid I was trying to put on the very real struggles of a very real college kid. 

Fast forward a couple years because Preppie Bliss had been dormant  (aka dead in the water), but I hadn't given up. The very wise man I had been seeing once a week for about six months told me I needed to start keeping a journal and sharing my “wins”, so I did. Next thing you know… BOOM! The kick in the pants I needed to rebrand and rebirth Preppie Bliss was right in front of me.

Now I know what you're thinking… “Oh gosh, this is NOT what I was expecting!” NEVER FEAR! My goal is not to bore you with my ramblings but rather to share my wins and express a little creativity. Preppie Bliss has grown both from and with me and I can’t wait to share all the adventures it takes me on with you!

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